Monthly Archives: February 2017


Those in the great State of Michigan that have been lied to, persecuted, falsely accused, prosecuted illegally, and have had their US civil rights trampled upon by Michigan’s present Attorney General and certain members of his Assistant AG staff, including Assistant AG Scott Teter, have organized and are seeking redress of their grievances, including the overturning of AG actions, and possible charges brought against the Attorney General’s office. Civil rights violations by this Attorney General’s office, as compared with fair and well-run former Attorney Generals that have served prior to Mr. Schuette, on both sides of the aisle, have been rampant and have damaged many lives in Michigan.

Those supporting this blog, are growing in number. Both Democrats and Republicans. The vile attack on Representative Palmer, many years after he left office, is the initial story covered in this blog. However, you will note under “Recent News” just a few of the issues and concerns that Michiganders have with this Attorney General.

Our staff, and sympathetic members of the legal community are assembling, and documenting many concerns yet to be made public.

Watch for more allegations against the Michigan AG’s office, and adverse Federal and State Court decisions against the Michigan AG’s to come…..